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Initial Consultation - Mandatory

Consultation to determine needs and objectives; learn more about your business and more about our services.

​Records Needs Assessment (RNA) – Mandatory

Designed to quickly analyze an existing records program and provide recommendations for closing the gaps between current systems and desired future systems.

Records Management Policy

Develop a policy for your business using an industry standard Records Retention Policy (RRP) template.

Assess and revise current RM policy(s).


Develop an all-encompassing RRP to support one retention period with addenda for exceptions.

File Plans

Basic folder structures for shared drives and recommendations for paper file organization.

Customize & Upgrade:

Additional folder structure levels.

Fully customized shared drive folder file plans and paper file coding, classification schemes, taxonomy, metadata, etc.

Records Retention Schedule

Industry Standard Retention Schedule for core functions.

Simplified records inventory to identify unique operational needs.


Detailed records inventory to fully customize Industry Standard Records Retention Schedule and identify unique operational needs for your business.

Electronic Records Cleanup

Initial review with removal of non-records.

Application of records retention classification to electronic records (into records file folder structure).


Full implementation and classification of all electronic documents, folders, systems for organization of records.

Paper Cleanup

Identification of records for disposition.

Reorganization of paper records for easy future disposal, identification of records for current disposition.


Full inventory of all paper records, indexing, tagging for disposition, relabeling files/folders/boxes, issuing destruction certificates.

Ongoing Retention Schedule Updates

Annual updates on your records management policy.


May request semi-annual updates or updates as required.

Off-Site Storage

Contract consultation with off-site storage and disposition vendors.


May negotiate contract with off-site storage vendor – box rate, Service Level Agreements (SLA) including delivery schedule and destruction charges.

Annual Records Retention Review and Disposition

Annual visit to coordinate review of records for disposition.


Semi-annual or quarterly visit to coordinate review of records disposition.

Compliance Testing

Testing to determine compliance to:

ARMA Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®,

Information and documentation – Records management ISO 15489 family of International Standards


Quality management systems – the ISO 9000 family of International Standards.

Environmental management – the ISO 14000 family of International Standards.

Electronic Records Solution Support

Consultation to determine what records management metadata can be utilized to assist with records deposition within existing system.


Consultation to develop RM requirements and metadata schema to support the implementation of an ERM system.

Advanced Compliance Testing

Included in customization:

Testing to determine compliance to other standards such as:

Information technology

Security techniques

Information security management systems ISO/IEC 27000 family of International Standards.

Annual RM Program Health-Check

Post-implementation survey and analysis via questionnaire.


Post-implementation site data sampling audit.

Post-implementation Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles maturity model level evaluation and survey.

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